Icelandic violonist

Born in the dark, mystical country of Iceland and spending part of her childhood in Sweden where elves, trolls, and giants are an accepted part of reality, Anna Lea is an expert in fairy tales.

At the age of 8, she found her way to the violin and stopped playing with trolls (despite their reputations, trolls are not as bad as some think). The violin became the new center point in Anna Lea’s life. After years of practicing in Iceland, she came to Vienna to finish her studies at the Vienna Conservatory with teachers including Prof. Hornig, Prof. Hink and the Altenberg Trio.

She received degrees in both teaching and solo violin performance and then co-founded Talespin with Chanda VanderHart. Now she spends her time playing with a variety of musical ensembles in Vienna and teaching small children how to have fun with the violin. With Talespin, she is also back to playing with trolls and elves and telling their magical stories through music.