10 min. for age 4+

Today, everyone in the village of the Bamilekes is celebrating; there is rhythmic music and holy songs; old and young alike are calling the rain with their chanting. From all around, hands are tapping, clapping and drumming. Tam ta ra ta tam!

Zékéyé taps; taps the side of the drum. He too wants to make the big drum sing. But he can not reach the top of the drum because he is so small; smaller than his sister Ititi, smaller than the monkey Cocodi, even smaller than the smallest bush.

So Zékéyé makes a tiny instrument for himself; tiny like himself…

The story of Zékéyé, written by the renowned French author/illustrator of children’s books, Nathalie Dieterlé and adapted by Talespin, features whimsical, colorful bamboo-brush illustrations that appeal to an all-ages audience.

The music, by Taiwanese composer Ruei-Ran Wu, beautifully complements the sweet, naïve nature of the text featuring elements of African drumming and animal sounds within the framework of a standard 12-bar blues’ style.

Ruei-Ran WU

Ruei-Ran Wu, composer

Geboren in den Philippinen, aufgewachsen in Taiwan, Psychologiestudium in Taipeh, Kompositionsstudium in Wien, Bandoneonstudium in Paris.
Seine Kompositionen sind in internationale Fesitivale und Medien zu hören, und wurden zwei mal für die Kategorie „Beste Filmmusik“ im „Taipei Golden Horse Film Award“ (Taiwan) nominiert. Als Arrangeur und Komponist arbeitet er regelmäßig mit Musikvermittlung der Wiener Philharmoniker „Passwort: Klassik“, und Orchester aus Taiwan.
Auftritte als Musiker mit Walter Rios, Juan Diego Florez, Opera Twins, den diversen Tangoensembles und Theaterproduktionen in Europa und Asien. Er leitet den Taiwan Chor in Wien, das Live Orchester des Taipei Tango Festivals, und ist Produzent der taiwanesischen Indie Bands.
2015 gründete er das Tango-Ensemble „Twango“, und fusioniert die taiwanische Musik mit argentinischem Tango. 2018 erscheint das erste Twango CD-Album „Otro fin del mundo“. 2017 gründete er mit argentinischem Pianist und Komponist Diego Collatti die „ViTa MusicA“ – Vienna Tango Music Academy, ein Plattform, das die argentinische Tangomusik in Wien pflegt.


Nathalie Dieterlé, illustrator

Nathalie Dieterlé was born in Ghana and traveled extensively when she was young. She lived in the heart of Africa, in Cameroon and later in Switzerland and France, both in the alpine city of Grenoble and in the beautiful Ardèche region. She obtained her diplomas from both the école Met de Penninghen in Paris and at the école des arts décoratifs de Strasbourg.
She is a well-known author and illustrator in France as many of her captivating stories staring Zékéyé are used in schools. She is currently expanding her techniques creating Chinese shadow- theater books and of course working on new adventures for Zékéyé’s.
Nathalie Dieterlé is published in France, USA, Spain, Italy, Greece, Denmark, and Korea