20 min. for age 9+

Long ago, it was not the parrot which humans kept as a household companion, but the crow.

The crow was quick and bright, and could easily repeat human words. What’s more, he could use human language to express his own thoughts. Human and crow would pass their days in lively conversation. One was seldom seen without the other.

This happy companionship was not to last. One day a farmer saw his neighbor’s goat in his field. It was a fine goat: young, fat, lively. The farmer wanted it. Instead of returning the goat, as you or I would have done, he took the goat for himself…

This adaptation of a traditional Thai folktale, by composer Emily Doolittle and Talespin, offers a refreshing change from modern, happy-ending, fairy tales and offers a stunning insight into humankind’s aversion to the truth.

The music, by renowned Canadian composer Emily Doolittle, is intriguing and highly atmospheric and the accompanying colorful illustrations, by New Yorker Kathy Ridl are slow-paced computer-animation in style.

Emily Croatia

Emily Dolittle, Komponistin

Die Musik der in Kanada geborenen und in Schottland lebenden Komponistin Emily Doolittle wurde als „eloquent und effektivoll“ (TheWholeNote), „meisterhaft“(Musical Toronto) und „herzergreifend“ (TheWholeNote) beschrieben. Sie bekam bereits Aufträge von Klangkörpern wie dem Orchestre Métropolitain, Tafelmusik, Symphony Nova Scotia, the Paragon Ensemble und Ensemble Contemporain de Montréal. Ihre Arbeiten werden regelmäßig von der Sorel Organization, Hinrichsen Foundation, Hope Scott Trust, Opera America, dem Canada Council for the Arts und der Fulbright Foundation gefördert. Emily Doolittle studierte an der Dalhouse University, Indiana University, dem Koninklijk Conservatorium und der Princeton University. 2008-2015 war sie an der Fakultät des Cornish College of Arts in Seattle.
Heute lebt sie in Glasgow (Schottland) und ist Athenaeum Research Stipendiatin am Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.
Ihre Kammermusik-CD „All Spring“, die mit den Seattle Chamber Players ausgenommen wurde, kam beim Composers Concordance Label 2015 heraus.
Derzeit arbeitet sie an einer Auftragskomposition für das Vancouver Symphony, sowie an ihrer Kammeroper „Jan Tait an the Bear“ für das Fringe Festival in Edinburgh 2018.


Kathy Ridl, Illustratorin

Designer Kathy Ridl is known primarily for her creative cd cover art. With over a 100 covers to her credit, she continues to work personally with her clients who are performing artists in jazz, rock and classical fields. She designs posters and promotional materials for concerts, festivals, and theater productions.
An acoustic bass player and violist, Kathy performs and records a wide variety of musical styles including Latin, classical, folk, rockabilly and theater. She holds a degree in Music and Media from the University of Colorado at Denver.