Zékéyé und das kleine Lied

Today, everyone in the village of the Bamilekes is celebrating; there is rhythmic music and holy songs; old and young alike are calling the rain with their chanting.

Warum der Papagei die Menschensprache nachplappert

Long ago, it was not the parrot which humans kept as a household companion, but the crow. The crow was quick and bright, and could easily repeat human words.

Die kluge Tochter des Wirten

Once upon a time, there were two friends, a tailor, and an innkeeper. They spent as much time together as they could, drinking tea, playing backgammon, and above all, talking.

Der Affe der nach Ärger suchte

Once upon a time in a very small village, there lived an old woman who made the most delicious coconut cakes. People would come from all around just to buy her cakes at the village market.

Hondidldo und der Apfeldieb

In a small town, not far from here, lived a farmer with three sons. The oldest was named Didldei, the middle, Didldob, and the youngest, Hondidldo.


The story of Búkolla, possibly Iceland’s most beloved traditional fairy tale, features a magical cow named Búkolla and her boy pitted against two evil troll-sisters.

Morgiana und die 40 Räuber

Once upon a time in the kingdom of Persia there lived two brothers. The older, Kassim was wealthy men while his younger brother Ali Baba, was very poor.